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Day at the Beach – Wilbinga

There’s a few good beaches to choose from just 40-60 minutes drive from the middle of Perth. Today, on a whim, we headed up to Two Rocks, north of Perth where there’s an area where you can get access to the miles of beach and sand dunes in the area. I must say, this is not likely to continue as over the last decade perhaps 60 km (or more) of beach and dune coastline has been terraformed into housing estates, forever heading north.

We just looked for a reasonably empty piece of beach

With a nice spot chosen, we set up for a light Whisky, Cigar and a chin wag. Very pleasant. I go the drone out and took a few shots.

The wind will bury these in a matter of hours
parking perspective
We parked in front of a rock
Abstract of nature
Love the colours and textures

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