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Rock-hopper shower scene

At one point on Saunders Island, we went out to a clifftop area to get more shots of Rock-hoppers, Albatross, etc.

It was quite the blustery ol’ day, to say the least, and we had a fair hike (not too bad) out to that specific colony where we had to negotiate some slippery scree and cliff faces to get to this “famous” spot where the Rock-hoppers like to congregate and have a shower/drink/argument.

As the weather closed in and got worse,  only two of us bothered to do this part of the hike. It really was that windy and dangerous on these cliff faces.

This one photo is the culmination of lots of flying, driving walking into the wind…….

Each one that pushed the previous one out of the way has a blissful few seconds to get their time in the sun… no, hang on, time in the shower……

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