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16 August 2010 – Rest in Peace Marge Martin

Mum passed away this morning peacefully in her sleep.
She dreaded going any other way.

I was at this temple a few days ago.

In Thailand Buddhism, when they go to the temple they like to remember those that are here and now, and to remember those who have passed.

I found it quite soothing here, walking around, thinking of Mum and Dad. Dad would have loved it here, Mum would have hated it.

Yin and Yang.

Rest in Peace Mum
Love always
Robin & Sao

Temple - Surat Thani
Temple – Surat Thani

Oliphants – a view, a Pano ….. Africa

Today’s picture is a pano from the Canon 1Ds Mark 3. It’s an amalgam of seven shots taken handheld. I used Adobe Photoshop’s Merge Photo feature to get this done. My Macbook Pro with 2GB of RAM chugged quite badly doing it. Might be a good reason for an upgrade. he he

Panoramic Photos are relatively easy in 2009. The Software and tools are awesome and allow for plenty of trial and error in the actual capture process. Really all that needs to be done is a suitable overlap. One can be quite extravagant in the capture process, but you need some heavy processing power when you get it home!!

Enjoy. I have some other cool pictures taken from here that I’ll release soon.

Oliphants - a view, a Pano ..... Africa


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