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Kenya – The Masai Mara

It’s the last day of the trip and I am putting up a taster for some of the images I was happy to have shot while here. the week has been a blast and thanks muchly to Andy Biggs of Andy Biggs Safaris and Chas Glatzer of Shoot The Light for making it such a great trip.

We had the great fortune to come upon an Eland kill over on the part of the Masai Mara where the main migration crossing points are. We were searching for Black Rhino (which we found, more on that later) and came upon the grizzly sight of a pride of lion devouring the remnants of a magnificent Eland. As happens when predators make a big kill on the Mara, the scavengers come out in force to have a piece. This is a White Backed Vulture that’s coming in for whatever morsel it can get.

White Backed Vulture
White Backed Vulture

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