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8 Gigapixel Westminster Palace

Below is a 252 image monster I clicked up a storm on, it took a while to get my head around the stitching and the white space areas.

It's not perfect, but it's getting there.

Clicking on this image opens it up to a full resolution image, optimised so as to not drag your browser or connection through any conniptions. 

Astonishing detail in a 200mm Panorama

Here’s an image I took tonight. It is, in fact, 60 images. I stitched them together in ptGui and finished it off with Photoshop. It measures 56331 x 18404 pixels, meaning 103,874,364 pixels. It’s not overly expressive, but it is practice for more scenic shots I intend to take. Zooming in is mind-boggling. Imagine if I had used a 600 or 800 mm lens. The potential is obvious. Click on the image to be amazed.

A walk next to the Thames

there are going to be a great deal more of these, as I am living really close to the Thames and like to wander along there by foot or on my bike. Clicking the image will show you a cool high-resolution view.

Across the Thames
Across the Thames

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