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Looking out the window

One never knows what one will see when you least expect it.
I was looking for a “shapes” image for a challenge and I was struggling as I’d been working long hours and hadn’t gotten out and about.

I was chatting with a colleague and stared out the window….

Looking out the window

I really liked the result!!!

Puerto Gallera – Philippines

This weekend was a long one in the Philippines. The National Elections are being held and the Government here, as it does, has allowed the locals a holiday to vote. This means there’s no one in the office, predominantly, so we decide to take off to the Island off Laguna (Called Mindoro) where the Filipino resort of Puerto Gallera (and it’s variations) exists for the pleasures of the Filipino tourist. I say this because, as we found out, we are like martians when we are there. Nothings really geared towards dealing with Foreigners and when Sao tried to convince them she was Thai, there was a lot of incredulous looks and disbelief. I’d think there are not many Thai’s going to this resort area.

The FULL STORY is in the link

Puerto Gallera - Philippines

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