The London Wetland Centre

This series records the ride to, the walk around and a few snaps on the way back from the London Wetland Centre. I am feeling it this morning but feel better after watching, from 4 am, the Wallabies getting touched up by the All Blacks.

I like photographing Bridges… don’t know why!!
These mobile homes on water like stranded whales.
Stopped in for a Covid Lunch….. was really quiet, but I noticed it picking up later in the day
Hammersmith Bridge, I was having so much fun, I went too far. This bridge is under maintenance and one cannot go over it. Looks very rickety.
I tried to line up … well, you get the idea
wait for meeeeeee!!
A Fine meal for a Saturday afternoon!!
trying to make it sppoky .. haha (fail!!)
Entrance to London Wetlands Park
Ahhh, Autumn . . . . not an Australian sight
22 Picture panorama Detail in main pic is amazing.

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