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My Afternoon at the British Museum

First you see the Rosetta Stone.
My little lizard brain cannot comprehend this.
Then its a world of hieroglyphs
Heading up into the Museum. It’s all being refurbised, so I did a close up
Designed for the massive queues that must be the norm…. not today!! Yeah. This covid has one infinitesimal thing going for it, its my time in London so far has been crowd free.
This imposing figure is greeting you
These ethereal beings
Amazing for something carved 2 millenia ago
I need one of these hats
Detailed inscriptions
This is from the image above, in the middle, just next to the crack in the middle. I reckon they added the face later…. just saying.
Dear Mum, today I had lentil soup. LOL |like
Noter to diary: there’s someone following me….
One for Dan Carlin
The heads and other bits are in other galleries… I would have thought…….
Thsi character, looking like a character out of a movie
the museum wasn’t full, as they paced the amount of entries. AND ITS FREE!!!
I’ve seen this dude in a movie, I am sure

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