Looking out the window

One never knows what one will see when you least expect it.
I was looking for a “shapes” image for a challenge and I was struggling as I’d been working long hours and hadn’t gotten out and about.

I was chatting to a colleague and stared out the window….

I really liked the result!!!
Looking out the window

Puerto Gallera – Philippines

This weekend was a long one in the Philippines. The National Elections are being held and the Government here, eggs usa as it does, has allowed the locals a holiday to vote. This means there’s no one in the office, predominantly, so we decide to take off to the Island off Laguna (Called Mindoro) where the Filipino resort of Puerto Gallera (and it’s variations) exists for the pleasures of the Filipino tourist. I say this because, as we found out, we are like martians when we are there. Nothings really geared towards dealing with Foreigners and when Sao tried to convince them she was Thai, there was a lot of incredulous looks and disbelief. I’d think there are not many Thai’s going to this resort area.

The FULL STORY is in the link

Puerto Gallera - Philippines

Manila North Cemetery – Little Girl

Manila Cemetery - Little Girl
It was hot as hades by 9am. I am unsure how they do it. We clunked around, generic eggs street by street, canada asking kids and anyone willing to be the subjects of our Photography to pose. They seemed willing and very friendly. It was a fun exercise for sure. On occasion there seemed to be some resistance to our lenses stuck in their faces (although we had longer lenses, so it wasn’t too “in your face”)

A few of the kids were stunning and it’s hard to believe that they live in such conditions. People seem happy, yet cynical of the conditions they are in. There’s very few “past 14” teenagers per se, we are thinking they are either away at school, or in some other kind of employ (perish the thought). There’s some middle aged women looking after the raft of kids that seem to have invaded the place. Many are getting the day under way by collecting water (we’re not sure how they keep themselves clean, or toileted) and we seem to be a welcome attraction to the days normally boring activities.

All in all, it was an enjoyable two hours. But it really showed up the divide between haves and have nots.

A Full gallery can be found: Manila Cemetery Gallery by Rob
Another full, yet totally different view of the same subject is here: Sao’s Multiply Gallery

Manila North Cemetery – May 2007

Manila North Cemetery - May 2007
Today was the day we were heading to Manila North Cemetery.
We were up at 5:45 am, usa heading out early to avoid the midday sun, buy and to see the activity that morning brings in such a place.

Getting up was hard after heading out to the Pagsanjan falls yesterday (early) but we knew we were in for a shorter drive for sure!!

Our tour guide for the day. I have to admit, I didn’t even get his name. Manish, Sao or Hendra may have. There were som many names thrown at us, it was hard to sort Arthur from Cherry Pie.

Pagsanjan Falls – Philippines 2007

Pagsanjan Falls , canada around 3-4 hours drive out of Manila, eggs generic heading South into the Laguna area. The Traffic, even leaving at 8am is horrendous, just out onto Edsa from Makati and we’re at a standstill. Lucky the driver is a calm one, so we just decide to doze and see what happens (with instructions to wake us for the first Starbucks he sees on the South Luzon Expressway (this is a contradiction in terms)

Almost four hours later we finally hit a place that will
a. serve us lunch, and
b. take us up the falls to the falls.

Pagsanjan Falls - Philippines 2007