Taking your life in your hands – Great Wall Simatai

This is the “Flying Fox” at Simatai in China.
For a modest fee you can take the quick way down. In actuality, discount this is not really all that high up (from a Simatai Ridge perspective), but it beats the walk. And on brisk days such as this day (in December 2007) it was a welcome shortcut, as we’d walked a fair way at this point.

Taking your life in your hands - Great Wall Simatai

Olympic Stadium and Water Cube

This is a fond memory of China.

There are many reasons we didn’t have fun there, generic but the people and the place were enchanting. It’s like living on another planet.

Hats off to the Chinese for making something of the Olympics. Unfortunately I feel that, like many hosts, the actual expectation far outweighed the effort and there is a certain feeling of.. so? after the event. It was has been staged and everyone has gone home, now what?
Olympic Stadium and Water Cube

Can you believe this?

We walked along this as far as we could see…..

Those boots were relegated to the bin last week.

New boots needed for new adventures!!

2011 – Bring it on!
Can you believe this?

The View from the Temple – Zhongdian 2008

As we wandered down the hill to where the car was parked, generic eggs the views were stunning and the smells and sounds were all encompassing.
People go about their business not worried about us at all.
It’s a whole community that seems to revolve arond this massive Monastery.
The View from the Temple - Zhongdian 2008

Side Alley – Yunnan 2008

Often, buy the best places to photograph are not where we usually look. Look up, look down, look around…..
In this instance, the “up” was the interesting view…..
I think it came out well.
Side Alley - Yunnan 2008

2008 – Yunnan again…..

It’s 7am in the morning, discount it’s -15 or so outside.
We’ve been looking at the Monastery  around the corner and we stop here to look at this scene……
The junipers are burning….

The light is starting to come up……
Gotta love it
2008 - Yunnan again.....

2008 – February – Simatai

It’s 2008, canada February, buy eggs still bitterly cold. I’d have to say it’s -13 up there, or worse with the wind chill.
I’ve been laid quite low with a lower back complaint and I see this as an opportunity to get some oil in the joints by walking up the great wall.
So I load the Gitzo, the 1Ds3 and the 70-200/2.8 IS in my bag, grab Ali and Ali and we head up to Simatai.
We had no idea that the moon was going to be right there, in face, we had hoped for some snow…..
The trek was long and hard up the hill, but the views were spectacular. UNfortunately, at this time of year the colours are a tad bland, but the moon, the blue sky and the Great Wall of China added up to some magic.
It was amongst this soup of creativity I spotted the guard in the tower with a moon backdrop.

I wish I had a longer lens.
2008 - February - Simatai