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A Cold day in downtown London

It threatened to really persist down all day but never really got there while I was out. It’s certainly a lot colder than it has been and I’ll be reevaluating my clothing choices for wandering around. Being hot blooded, I cannot overdress or I’ll cook and that’s worse, somehow.

Anyway, I headed out to Trafalgar Square for a look. I noticed when I arrived at Embankment Station that there were coppers everywhere and I suspected that there must be something going on. Ummm, yup!!

How to stand out in a crowd.
National Museum, used as a backdrop for a bunch of protesters protesting, well everything really. It was hard to see a theme. Many were bible thumpers hammering their agenda, others were anarchists and there was the underlying or overarching thing about covid-19 that has them all in a tizz. It’s odd to hold a banner up saying its a hoax and then wear a mask in the crowd protesting masks Well I think that’s what they were doing. Lots of cheering, but I could not understand the reedy voice that was trying to whisk them up into a protester like fury. It started to rain, and I was kinda worried having so many covid deniers near me. Don’t want to catch it, or covid.
Old Architecture, new Bus
What’s with me and bridges?
Chess, Checkers and Connect Four
Any mug who’s been to a bar in Thailand will have had a “waitress” try to fleece him from drinks playing connect four. This scale is slightly more intimidating.
Another Bridge Pano (before I walked over it)
Looking back at the “Eye”
St Pauls again sitting on a bridge. Bridges. . . .
So Egypt, in 1819 hands this over…. read the next plaque
This is 3,500 years old? Just sitting here, anonymously eroding away? My mind might just be blown away at this thought….. holy shit.
St Paul’s looking imposing amongst more modern peers
I like this for some reason

Another London walk about

Last week I was hampered by a swollen and agonising left ankle drama. Today I was beset by a right ankle that wanted to seize up. Yesterday the bike worked for a way around, that’s for sure!!

A nice view, heading away from the London eye for a change, 12 shot panoramic for your viewing pleasure
Well, I did wander by here. It was bad light and all, but you get the idea. There were crowds of a sort, but it was not chaos.
This is a cool statue, atop Wellington’s arch.
Another cool statue. I cannot remember what it’s about. LOL
The columns seem so……
Wellington’s Arch. Rode through it a few times.
I did a panorama of these buildings as I love the architecture.
Now this is what I call a gate!!!
I like this, so it gets it’s own space
Flap and ……
run baby!!
This side in colour
This side in B&W
Look over there!!
Me Me Me !!!
One of these thingggggs . . . is not like the other…..
Pointy headed
This guy!!!
has quite the look!!
This guy!!
He was attentively sketchy!
From this angle, the London Eye looks like a giant fan, for those”Hot” days!

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