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Xmas 2020 Ride around a few iconic spots in the early Winters light

Westminster Palace, 8am on Xmas Morning. It is a balmy 1C or less.
Muscles – Goose style
Early Morning Palace ride
Royal Albert Hall
A little closer
Albert forlornly, forever, looking over at the Hall in his name…
Kensington Palace
Queen Victoria with crow adornments.
Creepy Church

The London Wetland Centre

This series records the ride to, the walk around and a few snaps on the way back from the London Wetland Centre. I am feeling it this morning but feel better after watching, from 4 am, the Wallabies getting touched up by the All Blacks.

I like photographing Bridges… don’t know why!!
These mobile homes on water like stranded whales.
Stopped in for a Covid Lunch….. was really quiet, but I noticed it picking up later in the day
Hammersmith Bridge, I was having so much fun, I went too far. This bridge is under maintenance and one cannot go over it. Looks very rickety.
I tried to line up … well, you get the idea
wait for meeeeeee!!
A Fine meal for a Saturday afternoon!!
trying to make it sppoky .. haha (fail!!)
Entrance to London Wetlands Park
Ahhh, Autumn . . . . not an Australian sight
22 Picture panorama Detail in main pic is amazing.

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