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Forrest 2015/16 – part 2

Well I’m back after a few requests from my 3 viewers to complete the Forrest Saga.
I left off at Zanthus where we saw the remains of a settlement there that used to support the Railways. This maintenance is now mainly done from on the track or by contractors / employees of the railways journeying out to these places and staying in the odd well placed house /apartment setup. Zanthus has one of these way stations (which is the last photo of the previous post…..)

It’s still stinking hot at this stage and we’re boxing on hard to Rawlina. The track is hard going in that it needs you to use the brakes every 50-100 metres or so. It’s really unpleasant driving. Hard to check text messages and use the phone and organise a play list for entertainment. The things we had to put up with.


We get to Rawlinna which is just another Zanthus with a few more buildings. It’s obvious a few organisations still use this place as a maintenance depot / staging point. The Primary School is still intact albeit a little sad and neglected.

Rawlinna School

Rawlinna School

We settle in for a few minutes to have a look around and to take in the views. There is still a station here and it seems to be attracting visitors. There are columns of seats and fire-pits set up along the tracks. Had I had to guess I was suspecting some sort of local shindig from the stations and other remote dwellings of unknown origin and quantity. As it turned out this is a spot where the Ubiquitous Indian Pacific likes to stop for a sun-downer type dinner on it’s way through. All the passengers get off and enjoy the nothingness and the relentless heat along with some food and ales. It’s certainly really hot still, eggs buy even in the shade as we take a break from the drive.

Rawlina Railway Station

Rawlina Railway Station

The lads also take a break . . . .







This is the longest stretch of straight track on the planet we are led to believe. It certainly feels like it, ,mile after mile, after kilometre. It’s hot and tiring stuff and fortunately in a way we have smoker with us so we are stopping every hour or so. Apart from the early part of this track (smooth and graded), we’ve seen no one. There was a mysterious truck in Zanthus, and a very weird incident in Rawlinna where some dude plowed out from behind a house with a purpose yelling something. We were all drinking some cool beverages, smoking and loitering around the tracks. Believe me, we’d notice a train coming from a long way out. It sounds like an impending thunderstorm you know’s on the way.

“Oi mate, careful, there’ll be a train through here in three minutes……..”

We were keen to get a photo so waited 10. . . . . . .


As we headed to our next camp site it became an ongoing gag. We didn’t see a train until well into the next day. Not sure what sort of drugs ol’ tat man was on, but they sure were not based in our domain ….

We looked and looked for the trains……


Finally we hit Forrest. The first sign is the mast for the airfield, but we came across the station first. Only a first class lounge in this one.

Forrest Station

Forrest Station











The Accommodation is awesome and the people charged with running the organisation were a treat. We enjoyed their company a lot.




And finally we get to go home, after a great two day rest….. and a fang on the runway chasing roos and rabbits………






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  • Trevor HodderJanuary 19, 2016 - 4:30 pm

    Looks like the lads had a great time.. I think I hear the train arriving in Perth todayReplyCancel