Forrest Trip – Xmas 2015 – 2016

Back in Australia for another attempt at getting to Forrest in Western Australia. As the crow flies it’s 120kms north of Eucla in Western Australia. To the even more uninitiated that means it’s ~1, 600kms from Perth and extremely remote.

This attempt was going to be done taking a more difficult route than previously undertaken. We are going to head to Kalgoorlie, then from there follow the train line along all the way to Forrest.

The Wedge Tailed Eagle at Forrest

The Wedge Tailed Eagle at Forrest





























Forrest, the place we ignominiously failed to get to at Easter.

Day one:
We’re taking two Land-cruisers with us and our custom built “Wandering Star” trailer that has the main load of gear in it. This means the car is not loaded to the gunwales and is more comfortable for the occupants and their bits and pieces they have lying around. We’re off around 8am and agree to a coffee stop in the hills to make sure we’re travelling together. A nice Dome cuppa cheers everyone and we hit the road. It’s a bit of an amusing start as we’d not told Cam that the car-park was unfriendly to trailers. This causes some angst and chaos and several laps around the block while they find a spot to park. This give Sulli and I some early morning mirth.

Before we go too much further, there’s John, Cam and Sulli (Brendan) and I on this trip. Two blokes in each car and enough crap for 10 people in the trailer. More on that later. Note also that two of the party are mad rabid foaming at the mouth smokers, so we will be having lots of pauses as they stop and git the gaspers. (The spell check wants to put Asperger’s in here… hmmmm)

Once we hit the hills out of Perth the worms start biting and quick sausage roll stop at Bakers Hill was had. We’re now on the road fair dinkum and the miles and kilometres glide by. There’s not a lot better transport around remote Australia than a Sahara from Toyota. Cold drinks in the cooler box make for a pleasant Journey.

We make a major pit stop at Southern Cross where Sulli votes for a beer.


Carlton Draught



Carlton Draught

This delight was at the Palace Hotel. A Pleasant spot for a chat and a cold one. It was a good 38C outside, so this was welcome.

We head to Kalgoorlie, get some Salad from a local IGA and after a bit of a “where are we moment” we managed to find out way onto the trans access road.


The Trans Access Road takes us on a long straight sojourn across Australia following the railway track. The trains are not frequent, but they are impressive. The tracks seem to go on, and on, and on…..

Endless Rails


























It sure was balmy yesterday!!!!



In the car it was showing a consistent 45 for much of the day …


But I digress. The initial 50 odd kms was on a nice graded road. We saw a nice spot for a camp site and hunkered down around 6:30 before night set in. The three minute tents were up quick (but amusingly took 45 minutes folding back up the next morning – the geese!!!) . My tent was up in 2 minutes and down and folded in three the next morning. The words “I told you so” never passed my lips.


Day Two
It’s light around 4:30 and by 6am it’s hitting 30C. This encourages us to get out of bed and get packed and outta there. We’re not as slick at packing up but we get it done boisterously and with some mirth. We’re hoping we can fit it all back in. Amazingly, we do.

The going is quite easy and quick as we set off to our camping destination which is unplanned as to specificity, but hoping to be a few hours out of Forrest somewhere. We drive along and look for the highlights to document (haha) and come across some sidings and a train derailment aftermath. It looked post apocalyptic.

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The cleanup of the disaster. I believe this took the track out for 5 days.

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John wanders around for a look see while Brendan’s legs can be seen poking out of a wagon. It is hot…..

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The running gear from all the wagons have been removed. This looks like an expensive mess.

There looked to be a lot of soft drinks on this shipment. The “dead soldiers” were everywhere. A lot of “Pump” water was lying around, just wasted.
At one point we came across a great big mud puddle. Surprising given the conditions. The cows congregated here with the bonus of the water on hand. Not sure that tastes so good…
A slight disaster as the bike released itself from its shackles. A double tie down on top of the built in holding mechanisms was necessary due to the rough terrain.
Cam comes flogging on by on a nice stretch.
We confirm the GPS by reading this sign. Whew!
Zanthus, a house, siding and this dude who popped up outa nowhere.


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    So you didn’t need to pump up your tyres this time? Well done and HNYReplyCancel