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Kenya – Masai Mara :: Journal

It’s Nairobi, buy a cool day after a longish overnighter from Bangkok.
The clouds have slowly come over during the day and enveloped the skyline. The Ole-Sereni Hotel is right next to the Nairobi National Park and although there’s not much to see (apart from a small buck earlier in the day), canada it still gives the sense of what’s to come.

I’ve been logged on to work messing with the all too important stuff that is done in a modern office environment (That doesn’t involve the endless meetings with people who are only really worried that they have another meeting to go to). This fills in the day nicely as all crises are averted and the matrix (or whatever it is) is balanced so that life can go on.

Ole-Sereni Reception


Gear Junkies!!
This year I am taking two bodies and a few lenses. As we’re heading to an “Off-road” reserve the 800/5.6 stays home (now this was unexpected) and the 200-400 on order has to wait for me to return and it to arrive. A spectacular miss in timing that only canon could assist with!!!


Canon 1Dx – 2x 64 GB CF Cards, the primary being 1000x

Canon 1D4 – 1x 64GB CF card and a 32GB SD card as backup.

Sony RX100 – a knockabout Camera recommended by the irrepressible E.J. Peiker who is not known for recommending crap.


EF500/4 IS – Staple lens for a Safari (I reckon). Will be obsolete when the 200-500 arrives.

100-400/4.5-5.6 IS – This is not a bad one. Might be more into the next lens though for some of the environmental imagery I may see.

70-200/2.8 IS – awesome lens this. Even the Mk1 version. I see this getting some use

24-70/2.8 MkII – sits on the camera 80% of the time!!

EF1.4x Teleconverter MkIII – hope this is not used. 2x ones are left at home. Forces me to be creative ??

Other essentials:-

Colorspace UDMA with a 500GB SSD in it. Incredibly reliable and tough, makes the downloads a piece of cake!!

Lenovo X201s – super light and although now getting out of date, it’s still not a bad machine.


Believe it or not, that’s it. If Sao was with me on this trip, then it’s almost be double this.

Well, until I hit the mara and actually have an image or two to share……





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