2012 – Australia Day Fireworks

26 January – Australia Day

The Temperature here in Perth peaked around 41 celsius and about the time the fireworks started a deluge happened with a nice thunderstorm passing by.

These are all taken from my balcony, discount eggs under cover…. The main gallery is below

The Fireworks
The Fireworks - Australia Day

Tigers in the past

Here’s a memory from one of our many trips to the Tiger sanctuaries (prisons) in Thailand.
Oh but to see one of these babies in the wild, best it’d be the goods!!
This was taken a fair few years ago (man they go fast) but I remember this day as it was really hot and the Tigers were prowling for some reason.

There’s nothing like it when he/she walks straight at you and gives you the “eye”

Tiger Prowl
Tiger Prowl - giving me the "Eye"



Namibia – from 2007

I walked around and photographed nearly every tree I reckon……

Life, a fragile reminder as the life blood of this small copse of trees was taken by the monoliths in the Background.

Ah the futility, as the tree stands as a monument to a different age.

Deadvlei - a perspective
Deadvlei - a perspective

Fireworks over the WACA

The WACA is the Western Australian main Cricket ground where the Aussies are playing India (and thrashing them)
The lights seemed to stay on for an age and at 10pm a few fireworks lit up
This is a tail end view of a few of them

Up near the WACA

making Merit

Making merit on the gold leaf covered efigy of the Erawan shrine, best in the shadow of the Erawan Shrine

making Merit
Putting Gold leaf on the Statue next to the real thing

Inside the belly of the Erawan Shrine

Above the Ceiling I showed the other day,  in the belly of the beast,   the three headed elephant lies….

I am standing way back against the back of the room, hand held at a slow speed.
You’ve seen this before, but I quite liked this view.
THe Bhudda’s in the cases are not to be photographed directly, they are all centuries old
Worshippers pay respects (I waited for ages but I never got a clearer view

Erawan Shrine - Inside
In The Belly of the Beast