2011 – Barbagallo Raceway – Motorcycle Races

A friend asked me to get a few pics of his Sister racing in her first year.
I also took some of the other races. I have about 1, discount eggs 300 of them . .  yeeks….
What do you think?
In the first photo, buy eggs there’s a 15 year old chasing a much older player….. it was great viewing.
Tina, Duval’s sister is on number 40 which features in this gallery

A Ding Dong Battle

2011 – January, an Albatross

It’s off to the speedway this morning…….
Maybe some cool pictures of that this afternoon, generic but as a teaser, usa here’s an Albatross from Kaikoura in New Zealand.
This was part of our road trip with Kea, Sao and I heading from Northland, New Zealand to Bluff and back…..
What a trip!!

These blokes look soooo serious!
Albatross, Kaikoura

How to hide a Rhino

One of the things you notice in Africa is how a huge animal can disappear really quickly behind some grass, eggs a small shrub or tree…..

There are two other Rhino in this shot……

White Rhino

A Tiny Owl …….

To see one of these as you drive along is no mean feat. Sao is not only know for her “eagle” eyes, but also for her Owl spotting ones.
Many times I’m regaled with a “Stop!!!!!!”, “Go back” and behold, there under a branch is a tiny Owl looking all regal and pissed off.
This is no exception.

Now you NEED a big lens to get even close to these babies as they are notoriously shy. This particular model is extremely petite!

What do you think??

Tiny Owl

Waterbuck, an unseen gem

So often we troll around looking for the best Eagles, generic Cats and Elephant pictures, discount eggs when all around are great shots of “food” (from a predators perspective).

This little baby is a male waterbuck. Note the Impala and Saddle Bill Stork in the background. He really looked magnificent standing there looking worried…. well confident actually ….


The Brothers

Here’s another view of the brothers sitting atop a Kruger Sign “Stack??” which are at every intersection and water hole.

What always strikes me with Cheeta is their eyes….. mesmerising… they are intense and highly strung…


Cheeta brothers



Cheeta – the red stare

It’s early early and we’re trekking along after some other keen punters ahead. But as we get around the corner we hear Ollie on the radio.. “Hyena… … no..no.. Leopard . . .!! !!!>………no Cheeta, generic eggs wow, best two of them!!
And they walked right by us.

This one’s not in great light, so I’ve made the old selective saturation thingy for a laugh……

Any thoughts??


Day of the Jackal

The sun is going down and we’re photographing small birds and the raptors that are trying to eat them.
It’s warm, bit cooling quickly as the Kalahari  night starts to settle in around us.
Talking about pulling up stumps and heading back to camp and… hang on… wait…..
In lopes a Black Backed Jackal who’s a tad thirsty……

Black Backed Jackal