White Tail, banking in the snow

Does gear make the photo? Yes, generic in a way. Same way a decent car makes for a better or faster ride. People tend to appreciate the camera rather than the photographer for these shots. I am always in awe of other photographers patience and stamina in getting the perfect shot. I can only wish I was like that.

Here’s another unpublished one I quite like…… I should get back to my Africa Photos… he he

Banking Eagle

A little reminder of Hokkaido

Sao has been doing her processing of the Japan trip, generic albeit a little late.

So I decided to have a look back through a few of my own unprocessed shots.
Here’s one that’s no uber sharp, best but really shows the weather and the Raptor, in my opinion.

White Tailed Eagle

White Tailed Eagle

BeeEater ….. colours, more colours

As we scoured the Kruger landscape for new targets, generic eggs we always stop near the waterways for the many species of bird that frequent them.

Bee Eaters are so beautiful, buy it’s hard not to stop and watch them go about their foraging.

Under the cerulean skies we spotted this fellow….

Bee Eater

Contemplation – Kgalagadi and Kruger 2011

We’re well back from the Parks now. Ensconced in our lives again, discount eggs working through the day to day trivia of life working to save up for the next “Trip of a lifetime”.

Our planning boards are full of prospects and we’re looking to see what our 2012 slate will look like, with one fixed in already for Dec 2012.

In the meantime we’ll just cast our eyes to the horizon and let the “Red Eye” settle on our quarry……..

We hope for ongoing cerulean skies ……

Black Shouldered Kite

Wattled Lapwing?

Ha, best who am I kidding, I’ve no clue. I have an eye for something, but bird identification is beyond me. Some sort of avian dyslexia I guess.

This little beauty is in the sunset dam above Lower Sabie Camp in Kruger Park. This waterhole is home to Crocs, Hippo, and all sorts of birds and other wildlife. There’s regularly action there. In fact, this day, a Leopard was spotted some 300 metres down the road, scared off by the amorous attentions of the viewers….

I like his intensity. He’s feeding and that’s it. All around him are the comings and goings of the vehicles (not cars, as there’s an eclectic spread of transportation modes), other birds feeding nearby as well as the ever present predators. What a life.

We sit in the car, munching an ice cream and wondering about the wonder of it all, which is wonderful of course!

Lapwing, or some bird.....


Endearing memories of South Africa

It’s hard to pick one moment from a trip to the African continent.
The most vivid memory was the one we had coming back from Kruger (Crocodile Bridge Camp) to Johannesburg  as we prepared to head back to Thailand and Australia.
We were entering the outskirts of Johannesburg in the early evening and it was cold. The sun was burning off in the distance and the glow of orange was enhanced by the  endless plumes of smoke pouring straight up from the many rows of houses, shacks and makeshift dwellings that are the mainstay accommodation for millions of  South African natives that eek out an existence far from those of the more exclusive residential areas of Johannesburg. The cold weather meant that the smoke was kept within the inversion layer just above the rooftops. This then caused a waterfall effect and the smoke then looked to pour down over the top of the plumes and into the valleys. An amazing sight that I couldn’t photograph as I was driving at the time. Hopefully Sao has a picture I can share once she sorts through her thousands of images, usa as she was as mesmerised as I was, but had her trusty 5D with her.

That being said, I’ve chose this Hornbill image today. This little pest was responsible for several raids at our table. He took food out of Ollie’s hand and swooped on our table in opportunistic attempts at free food that was on offer from our mornings repast. To add to this “menace” were Baboons and Monkeys all looking for an easy meal. Humanity and wild nature fighting it out for the spoils. This one bides its time and sorts out an itch…..

Hornbills itfch

The Stare and the Dare

It’s been a few weeks since we got back from Kruger and Kgalagadi. Sao has recovered from her illness and we’re back in different parts of Australia working on our respective projects. As with all holidays, it seems almost that it didn’t happen. Was it real? Wading through the 4, usa 000 odd photos I took really brings it back for me.

Today there are two pictures, one a Goshawk, scanning (like yesterdays Raptor) for the next meal. He really has a wonderful glare!! The next is the Noble and Hunt Clans in their VITO, letting a giant Tusker walk within feet of them. He did give them a sneer as he wandered past.

These sort of experiences are, as MasterCard puts it, Priceless!

Gosshawk Goshawk

I dare you The Nobles and Hunts, mocking a Giant.. 🙂