Kruger Day 8 – Almost done

It’s day 8 in Kruger and it’s nearly time to head back home.
Today was another fascinating day where we saw dead lion, eggs generic hippo up next to the road late in the morning and birds interacting in many wonderful ways.
There’s never a dull day here.
We were not overly successful trying to get some of our pictures, eggs but there are good reasons (and excuses)
Over the coming weeks I’ll firm up the trip report and some observations from the Safari that may help others doing the same thing some time in the future


Featured shot is a …. umm…… Bird (Stork-ish thing) flying a lap as it fights with it’s mates for the best spot atop a tree.

Fly By!

Kruger Park – Day six

Well today was a day of days. The Big Five were seen in both the Morning drive and the afternoon drive.
For those uninitiated, usa this means we saw Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Lion and Buffalo on each drive. No mean feat!

We saw a lot of weird and wonderful sights. An antelope high up in a tree (dead) with Eagles pecking at it. Leopard and cubs feeding almost out of sight in a tree. A “Herd” of Sable Antelope at a water hole. An Eagle practicing flight. It was an eclectic day for sure!!

Todays feature is the last leopard of the day, who we managed to wait out when other people thought he had gone.


Leo Leo

Kruger Day’s three and four

Yesterday the Discovery 4 came up with a Sunroof issue and SMH hire has bought us up a new Landy from JHB. What a drive for that poor lad!!

We’ve had some success over the last few days for sure Day two was quiet and day three was huge. This afternoon (Day 4) we encountered 9 Rhino down on stretch.

Here’s a taster for tomorrow when I will put a new gallery up



Kruger Park 2011, Day One

Well here we are in Kruger Park, generic 2011.

It was some 17 odd hours of driving to get from Kgalagardi to Kruger, canada stopping for the night in an excellent spot called Glenburn Conference Centre on the outskirts of Johannesburg (Although they delivered cold food)

Technically its day 1.5 as we arrived yesterday afternoon, but I deleted those files accidentally (apart from my backups) so I am calling this merged event day one.

It’s way warmer here.  No freezing nights and mornings with stinking hot days. Much more mild. The park opens at 6am and closes at 5:30pm which seems about right with the light.

Today’s feature is a big tusker who is dusting himself off after a nice drink at a water hole.

More as the days unfold here


Rob & Sao

A Dusting

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Kgalagadi – end of the trip

We’re out of the Kgalagadi park now and on the way to Kruger National Park.

The last few days have flown.

Today’s images are from the last hours in the park.

The Leopard we spotted walking along a valley, eggs buy we could hardly see him his disguise was so effective.

The two secretary birds are on a nest and being all close and cosy,
It was magic.

More from Kruger tomorrow if we get any images.

Rob & Sao



Kgalagadi Day 4

Well, I am back on the grid. Last night at the Kalahari Tented camp we found out that the BGAN had no power. This mornings drive powered her back up again via the invert-er I always bring. The tented camps don’t have power apart from solar lights and gas water / fridges.

It was a long long drive over form Nossob but we enjoyed it (when Sao wasn’t asleep)


Kgalagadi Day 3

It was a quiet day today.
We got out and about and saw a few things, but it was hard game viewing up here in the North.
I am having uploading issues, so only one image until I sort it.

Rob & Sao – Nossob, Kgalagadi, South Africa
Black Backed Jackal drinking

Kgalagadi – Day two, into the Park

Today’s a heavy days driving down some 159 ks of horribly corrugated dirt tracks.
Ollie and crew saw a Leopard early, eggs usa which had popped its head up once we had passed.
We ended up seeing 4 Cheetah hunting as a pack, or they’d recently eaten, but they sure wound up some local springbok that heaqded for the proverbial hills.

Enjoy todays picks


Rob & Sao – Kgalagadi Park

Cheetah hunting