Tokyo Tower

Sao picked this one as it represents quite a well known landmark.

I think I have some better photos in that lot, discount eggs and I will get them onto pbase and 1ds soon.

Enjoy, tomorrow is Hokkaido!!!
Tokyo Tower

Ice Cream Burger

It’s Japan, generic eggs day one.
We got into the Hotel around 1am.
Then up at 7am for a Tokyo “Grand Coach Tour”.

Down one of the shopping streets, heading up to a temple, we came across many interesting shops.
This one struck us as interesting…..

More soon…. need sleep!

Rob & Sao – Tokyo
Ice Cream Burger

Taking your life in your hands – Great Wall Simatai

This is the “Flying Fox” at Simatai in China.
For a modest fee you can take the quick way down. In actuality, discount this is not really all that high up (from a Simatai Ridge perspective), but it beats the walk. And on brisk days such as this day (in December 2007) it was a welcome shortcut, as we’d walked a fair way at this point.

Taking your life in your hands - Great Wall Simatai

Olympic Stadium and Water Cube

This is a fond memory of China.

There are many reasons we didn’t have fun there, generic but the people and the place were enchanting. It’s like living on another planet.

Hats off to the Chinese for making something of the Olympics. Unfortunately I feel that, like many hosts, the actual expectation far outweighed the effort and there is a certain feeling of.. so? after the event. It was has been staged and everyone has gone home, now what?
Olympic Stadium and Water Cube