Can you believe this?

We walked along this as far as we could see…..

Those boots were relegated to the bin last week.

New boots needed for new adventures!!

2011 – Bring it on!
Can you believe this?

The Dance – Petrels

These large birds spend a lot of their time arguing and fighting. Competition for food is fierce.
Size rules and they try to make themselves look as large as possible.

All in the name of survival
The Dance - Petrels

Albatross flavour!

Here’s a close up of an Albatross sitting in the water off the coast of Kaikoura.
Amazing stories these birds must have (If they had not a pea brain) given the journeys they have taken.

This was a day to remember on the road trip and we all were left in wonder.

I have a few more of these over the coming days…

I trust you won’t become bored.

Perth has fireworks tonight!!!! I canĀ foreseeĀ some images for tomorrow!!
Albatross flavour!

iPhone Magic. Perth from Kings Park HDR

We were in Perth and Fremantle etc today showing some guests around. As we closed the day Jade pops up and comes over and says hello.
Whilst messing with our iPhones, generic eggs I downloaded some recommended apps and got this as a result.
Could do it way better with a real camera, but not bad eh?

iPhone Magic. Perth from Kings Park HDR

NZ Weka

Flightless Bird, very cheeky and curious.
Introduced species are a plight on these natives.
NZ Weka