Gwalia 3 of 3 ….. this is a composite

At the ghost town of Gwalia, eggs the old houses are quite spread out and the Hotel (from yesterday) is way down in a corner.
I had this image in mind when I took the car piece. I masked out the bit in the middle where the hotel was in the distance and
proceeded to align and bring in yesterdays image (which is processed a little differently and in colour) and put it in a seemingly
natural position.

I think it adds to the mood….

Thoughts anyone??

Tomorrow I’ll head south a bit and add an image from there…..
Gwalia 3 of 3 ..... this is a composite

Gwalia – State Hotel

The last hotel standing.

The town was abandoned in 1963 but they had a few residents that were resilient.

This old Hotel is now privately owned and in not bad condition.

I like this processing to bring out the age………  (My colour these days!!)
Gwalia - State Hotel

Tigers – a depleting resource

Here’s a picture I’ve never shared before. This particular spot is now not available for Tiger shoots. They decided to not have water in the exhibit and to cover it in so we cannot shoot.

So sad, this was a favourite spot for us. But that’s Thailand, it often happens….. But something else will pop up one day.. 🙂

I like to use “selective saturation” techniques to accentuate the Tiger in focus, and to give the action some spice. These young males really liked to run and fight and run again….. We really miss this place!!

Tigers - a depleting resource

2006 – MIlitary Coup Thailand – outside our house

It’s 2006 and Thailand is in a grip of one of its famous Military Coups!
Our House in Bangkok is right next to a Military base.
We felt so Protected.
This was one of many such vehicles outside showing it’s muscles.

Further down the highway were some serious looking tanks parked smack in the middle of the road.

Thailand… oh Thailand.
2006 - MIlitary Coup Thailand - outside our house

The View from the Temple – Zhongdian 2008

As we wandered down the hill to where the car was parked, generic eggs the views were stunning and the smells and sounds were all encompassing.
People go about their business not worried about us at all.
It’s a whole community that seems to revolve arond this massive Monastery.
The View from the Temple - Zhongdian 2008

Side Alley – Yunnan 2008

Often, buy the best places to photograph are not where we usually look. Look up, look down, look around…..
In this instance, the “up” was the interesting view…..
I think it came out well.
Side Alley - Yunnan 2008