Toyota Advertising

It’s advertising time. Is there a better way to see a Toyota Landcruiser?
This spot is way way out, discount eggs on the outskirts of D’Entrecasteaux National Park.
The road is a side by side, generic head banging, bush enclosed, sandy, open expanse of classic Western Australian Wilderness.
Click this link to see part of the trip
Toyota Advertising

D’Entrecasteaux National Park – Live

Here we are, generic in the Dunes at D’Entrecasteaux National Park, some three hours drive south of Perth.
I’m blogging here via my BGAN Terminal
The 5D2 is up in the dunes making some star moving shots and that movie will hopefully be on line soon…. (It’s all a learning curve)
Tomorrow night we’ll have more pictures and I’ll add one to the Blog
Until then, from Rob & Sao, it’s cup of tea time and 9:21 PM!!!
D'Entrecasteaux National Park - Live