Kennedy Ranges – Honeycomb

This is a 7 shot panorama, best shot with the 1Ds3 and a 17/4 TS lens.
What an amazing place.
The scale of the edifice and the effects of millennia of wind and occasional rain have carved interesting honeycomb structures into the very light and very red rock.
Kennedy Ranges - Honeycomb

Wedge Tail – Western Australia

The weekend of the 25th of September. The Eagles are very elusive.
We travel some 2, generic eggs 600kms in search of them.
This was one success in a myriad of failed attempts to get a picture.
Success, even on a small scale feels good sometimes.

Wedge Tail - Western Australia

Tip toe, through the Tulips

Sao demonstrates her affection for these beauties….

Araluen Botanical Park, generic Western Australia

generic through the Tulips” src=”/wp/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/AQ4G0687-Edit-copy.jpg ” alt=”Tip toe, through the Tulips”/>

2004 – On the Okavango

Our good friends Ian and Janine enjoy the Okavango Delta from their Mokoro.
Obviously, we’re in the one behind them.

The “Drivers” are extremely nervous, as the hippos are very dangerous. Not long after our trip, a journalist was bitten through the leg by one.

We survived.. 🙂
2004 - On the Okavango