2003 – Saddle Bill Stork

This was taken in Kruger Park, best eggs 2003. Blew me away to see such a cool bird within a few minutes of entering the park.

Sao and I oooo’d and ahhhh’d our way through the first few days as the plethora of game became obvious.
2003 - Saddle Bill Stork

4WD Winter Australia

John taking his Nissan through it’s paces through a mud trap.

Just North of Perth, discount eggs on a stretch called “Powerline”, where the track follows… well, yeah, you get it……
4WD Winter Australia

Gubeikou – 6 Hours in

IN 2008, best Matthias and I did the epic Gubeikou Trek from Janshanling – Gubeikou.

We passed military installations, extreme hilly sections and parts of the wall that were just mounds of earth, as mother nature had finally gotten her way and had reclaimed that part of the wall for herself.

Here’s a picture of Matthias climbing one of the last ramparts, to the last remaining “Tower” at this end of the wall.
The Town is almost visible on the left, and the wall gets a new lease of life up the huge ridge in the distance. This is a part of the wall I’d love to go back and do, as it looks most physically challenging and the views up there would be unreal.

Gubeikou - 6 Hours in

Sunsets and Star Trails

Last nights efforts at getting some sunsets and star trails.

The Star trails were a wash… (ugh) and the Sunset Sao got, as I got a little stuck….
Sunsets and Star Trails