The Swallow – Easter Weekend Beckons

Tomorrow night we’ll be around here : > -24.8684, 113.6913 <- (use Google Earth, or

We are then heading to :> -24.332864, 116.85608 <: And points in between.

Our 4Wd now has a rooftop tent so we’re more flexible than ever.

We’ll stock the fridge and off we go.
Tomorrow night I’ll put a blog entry in via my BGAN device (we’ll be a long way from anywhere)
Until then…….

We’re hoping to bore y’all with more Eagles and Kestrels and Ospreys….. here’s hoping. Oh, and some landscapes.
The Swallow - Easter Weekend Beckons

Mr Macaw

It’s overcast and horribvle in Perth. The Photography mood remains low.

We will address this over Easter. Then Kea is coming to visit for ten days. I wonder if Perth is more interesting than Kaeo.. šŸ™‚
Mr Macaw

Tiger tales

Here’s a little Tiger Photo I’ve added a vignette to and the reflection is a photoshopped one.

Whaddaya reckon?
Tiger tales

Butterflies …… the feeling

Today a massive set of storms came through Perth.

I was on myĀ bikeĀ about to head home when they hit and about an inch of hail landed at my feet. Luckily I was under cover, but for five minutes of timing. I am glad I had a little extra to do before leaving.
The storm abated a little and I headed home. Upon arrival the real storms came and gave us a good lashing…..
The Thunder caused butterflies in more than one stomach (not mine, eggs generic I quite like it and look for photo opportunities)

I guess that’s summer over….
Butterflies ...... the feeling

Buddha Efigy – Golden Glow

The Buddhist Idols were covered in “Gold Leaf” from the worhsippers that flowed through this “outdoor hall” in droves.

Special Holy Water, buy Books and Bells added to the mayhem and wonderful confusion….



Buddha Efigy - Golden Glow