Here’s two images merged together….

This represents what we actually saw, buy but couldn’t get the camera to expose in one take….

Happy New Year!!!

2010 is nigh!


Visions – Northen Australia

It’s rainy season in the North…..

It looks so barren and dry, and the water all around is a juxtaposition.

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We’re quite happy with one or two of them.

Merry Xmas all

Rob & Sao in Kununurra!!
Visions - Northen Australia

Lizard – Broome Western Australia

Somewhere near Broome.

We have quite a story to be told for this leg, best but for now, it’s just an image, as we missed a day due to some charging SNAFU’s with the laptop and BGAN….. (My fault!!)

Merry Xmas to anyone reading…

Rob & Sao in Kununurra.
Lizard - Broome Western Australia

Kestrel – Northern Western Australia

Today is day two of our trip as far north as we can go.

We ended up today at a Roadhouse 140kms North of Port Headland (Google it)

I’ll be posting an image a day, and some commentary if I remember to charge the macbook air…..

Kestrel - Northern Western Australia

Wat Arun – Bangkoks Chao Praya River

On our last trip home to Thailand for 2009, discount we had a nice river cruise with Tony and Johanna from Hong Kong.

I unusually took a camera ( 🙂 ) and took this snap as we passed this Bangkok Icon!
Sao and I head north in a day or so, so expect some cool northern Pictures and commentary coming up!

Wat Arun - Bangkoks Chao Praya River