LIon Pride and a Double Stack

This shot was taken from our Cabin at Olifants Camp in Kruger National Park.

I am not a big believer in double stacking my teleconverters on the big guns as it’s much harder to get a sharp shot this way.

This shot is with the 1D Mark 3, eggs usa with a 500/4 Prime lens, a 2x Teleconverter (mark 2 model) and a 1.4x teleconverter. The Mark 2, 2x, can be tacked, the older model cannot.

Every now and then we break the rules. Sometimes it works. I think this one works not too badly

LIon Pride and a Double Stack

Eagle taking off

I’ve done a little over processing on this one. He’s in shocking light, eggs canada but was a great specimen.
It’s a little cartoon like, but is quite striking as is.
Eagle taking off

Oliphants – a view, a Pano ….. Africa

Today’s picture is a pano from the Canon 1Ds Mark 3. It’s an amalgam of seven shots taken hand held. I used Adobe Photoshop’s Merge Photo feature to get this done. My Macbook Pro with 2GB of RAM chugged quite badly doing it. Might be a good reason for an upgrade. he he

Panoramic Photos are relatively easy in 2009. The Software and tools are awesome and allow for plenty of trial and error in the actual capture process. Really all that needs to be done is a suitable overlap. One can be quite extravagant in the capture process, eggs but you need some heavy processing power when you get it home!!

Enjoy. I have some other cool pictures taken from here that I’ll release soon.

Oliphants - a view, a Pano ..... Africa

Ox Pecker on a Carpet

An Ox Pecker sits on his food provider.

We had a lot of fun chasing these around.

This image is dedicated to a good friend of mine, discount whom I didn’t know well enough, who passed away on 29 July. David Yorke. Rest in Peace David. Thanks for everything and it was a privilege knowing you.
Ox Pecker on a Carpet

Elephant – walking past

Another Image from Kruger. I’ll be posting more up as I get through the days.
I’ll also have a summary gallery up probably by the end of next week for images I won’t put on 1ds.coms front page.

This image I like as the Elephants were strolling towards us nicely and then got all fired up close to the vehicle.
This trip was unprecented for us in our observance of Elephant behaviours.

Was fun!!
Elephant - walking past