Kruger – A Vulture at a time

Today we saw Cheetah, but the Picture of the day was this Lapid Faced Vulture that was drying it’s wings and carrying on like a schoolkid on rasberry cordial. A Fun sighting at a Waterhole
Kruger - A Vulture at a time

Kruger – Goliath Vs Goliath

Another magical day in Kruger.

So many animals interacting.

Here’s one of an Elephant and Cape Buffalo taking exception of each other at a water hole. The Elephant won!
Rob & Sao
Kruger - Goliath Vs Goliath

Kruger Park – Day 4

Today was a little overcast, eggs buy yet productive.

We had three Safari drives, generic one in the early AM (up at 5:31 and out the gate at first light 6:21), one in the late morning and early afternoon and then the ubiquitous afternoon drive.

We interacted with Elephant, Hyena and many other species of mamal and bird.

Todays image is from a Hyena den that we discovered not far from the camp. There were three babies being guarded by a couple of females (At least one that was suckling). This shot shows one of the guards prancing around with the skin of a dead animal, playing with the small ones. Quite the scene it set as they ran around.

More tomorrow and enjoy!

Rob & Sao
Olifants Camp
Kruger National Park, South Africa
Kruger Park - Day 4

Kruger – Day 3 (Baby Elephant)

Today was one of those tough days ion the park.

We did succeed, generic through tenacity and sheer distances travelled to get some great images and great memories.

This image, taken at close range on a Bridge, was one of the days favourites. These babies, part of a small herd of about 20 elephant, were playing and fightiong and messing about in general. They were uber cute!!

See you tomorrow!!

Rob & Sao – Olifants Camp, Kruger National Park, South Africa.
Kruger - Day 3 (Baby Elephant)

Kruger – a Rhino of a time!

Our Bags arrived two days late in Kruger.

We are in Camp #2 – Olifants.

More detail in tomorrows post. Scrambling to charge everything and get some fresh clothes on.

Rob & Sao
Kruger - a Rhino of a time!

Kruger Trip Begins

Here’s a Photo from the Airport this afternoon.

Yesterday we were punted off our Kenya Airways Flight after some thugs were removed for bad behaviour and the planes computer was on the blink.

Today they told us it wasn’t fixed. They wanted us to go back to the Airport Hotel until they “Sorted it out”. We refused and requested politely that they endorse us on another airline to get us there on time.

We’re now in the Emirates Lounge awaiting the new flight – 24 Hours later!!!!

I am going to be posting a picture a day here on via satellite. Please unsubscribe if this spams you too much.


Rob & Sao (On the way to Africa)
Kruger Trip Begins

Another Perth Skyline

This time from South Perth. Had a small meal sitting there watching the world go by, Perth style (SLOWLY!) and walked/drove around the foreshore to get a few pictures.


Another Perth Skyline

Perth Wheel – At night

The Perth Wheel down on the foreshore………

The eyesore is now not on the foreshore…….. so this is part of Perths history now!!

PErth Wheel - At night